Available courses

Fundamentals of Web Scripting

An introduction to the terms, technologies, trends, and best practices of the interactive design industry. Students design, develop, and upload a simple web site using HTML and basic CSS. The importance of writing valid and semantic code is emphasized. Basic web side production stages and requirements such as naming conventions, file organization, project development life cycle, and image optimization are also covered. Prerequisites: None

Basic Scratch

This course was created by Mark Clarkson and is  designed for students aged 11-12 years old. There are a series of tutorials to follow, leading to a good grounding, not only in how to use Scratch, but a number of specific programming concepts as well. The course is available for download from MOOCH

Digital literacy

This course was designed for the Moodle School demonstration site as an example of a course optimised for the mobile app.

Microsoft Word for Researchers

This is a training programme to help research students to make better use of Microsoft Word. The training is self guide and will cover the following, Page Numbers, Headings & Numbering, Table of Contents, Document Layout, Tables and Figures, Footnote & Endnotes, References